Monday, June 11, 2007

Star Wars (Really?)

More coasters.
I woke up tres early this morning to make these before work. Today is one of our co-workers' birthdays and the thrill of actually giving someone a gift on their real live actual birthday was so exciting that I just had to get this done. So imagine my disappointment when I arrived at the studio this morning and overheard that he was not coming in today! Luckily, the birthday boy lives less than a block from the studio so I'm going to stick the package in his mail slot at lunch.
The coasters are made out of more pieces of a "vintage" Empire Strikes Back bed sheet that I used to make this quilt for Harv. I threw in a bunch of scrap cotton and scrap batting and voila. This one is my favorite.
So, while we're on the subject of Star Wars...I am getting to know my audience here and there is a dramatic difference in the amount of interest that exists for my most awesome crafts and pretty much everything else (less awesome crafts, reasons for not crafting, work, house, most everything else). This is understandable of course but it is not going to prevent me from updating you all on certain happenings, especially the big work stuff. I spend way too much time animating for it not to seep into this blog every once in a while!
I would therefore like to insist that you watch the "Robot Chicken Star Wars" Special. It is airing on Sunday, June 17 at 10pm (maybe earlier if you're central, I'm not sure) on Cartoon Network. For those of you who don't know, my husband Harv and I are both stop-motion animators working at a studio that produces two shows for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Robot Chicken and Moral Orel. Last fall we produced an officially Lucasfilm sanctioned half hour special (which is a really big deal as all original official Star Wars content in the past has been created from within Lucasfilm except for one guy who wrote some novels (nerds, I'm sorry if I didn't quite word that information correctly)) and it is honestly very cool. And I'm not a big Star Wars nerd like many of the people around here, yet still, I think it's funny. I know that you all are mostly not Star Wars nerds either but I'm pretty sure that some of you at least have an inkling of Star Wars nerdiness...or you're just married to a Star Wars nerd. So watch! And look out for the Ponda Baba sketch as it was animated almost exclusively by me. (Ponda Baba's the guy who has tusks on his face that, I'm sorry, look like balls. Or an ass if you want to be a little less graphic. Here's a picture of him. Look for this guy.)


  1. Ok Liz, I have to say that I am way impressed that you work on Robot Chicken and Moral Orel. Now having said that, I have not seen either (although the teasers for Moral Orel are hilarious). However, my bf is a Star Wars nerd, and I'm just a little Star Wars nerdy, so we will be tuning in to watch! I'm sure Ponda Baba will be the highlight of my night!

  2. Drop me an e-mail reminder... We have cartoon network, but the TV rarely finds it... Sunday is too far away for me to remember... I can have it on while I sew. :o) That is the only use for the TeeVee in my house.

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM

    i LOVE these coasters, and i'm not at all a star wars fan... go figure. (and, since no one else has said it, just wanted to add that i find your musings about why you're not crafting, the house, etc. all very interesting... ) as an eternal lurker, am trying to be better about commenting!

  4. The coasters & a quilt out of the fabric! Awesome job. My husband will be pretty happy about the heads-up on the special. He's a huge Star Wars & Robot Chicken fan.

  5. Wow I feel so guilty now. I needed a day to stay home and play Atari- what can I say?

    I LOVE my coasters Liz!

  6. great work on the show liz!



  7. Star Wars is cool with me, unless it has something to do with Jar Jar Binks. That's where I draw the line. ;)