Friday, January 01, 2010


Happy New Year!

This is a cheater quilt of sorts I made for my sister Leigh for Christmas. Now, I've been burned in the past, making quilts for sisters (ahem) that aren't very well received. So my plan was to make something that wasn't terribly labor intensive in case the quilt ended up cast aside. A solid top quilt fit the bill.

Leigh loves vintage clothing and I was originally going to use a vintage floral bed sheet for the quilt top but it just didn't seem like her style. I recently bought this orange hexagon fabric at a thrift store in Portland. I almost left it there. It was a neat old print but I couldn't really see myself using it. was cheap and unique and I bought it anyway. Well when it came time to make Leigh's quilt I couldn't imagine fabric better suited to her than this. It was meant to be.

The back is pieced from two non-vintage fabrics I had. If I were to do this again I would attempt bleaching the backing and binding fabrics to give them an aged, vintage look to match the top.

To add some interest to the solid top (and because I made bias binding so I figured why not) I rounded out the corners. I love this! I think it's a perfect look for a solid top quilt. It's so simple to do and hey, no corners to bind!

Just use some big circular object to trace a curve on the corners of your finished, un-bound quilt. I just used something I had lying around.

Cut off the corners and bind away! Just remember that you must must must use bias binding tape to bind curves.