Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Make a young boy's dreams come true!

Okay, not so young but you can help him just the same! My husband Harv is a finalist in a commercial contest for Penske Trucks and the Green Bay Packers. The winner gets to watch the last home game of the year from a box suite with 17 of their favorite Packer fans. Now, I should mention that at least 40% of Harv's brain is devoted to the Packers at any given time, much more so the closer it is to Sunday. With this contest going on, it's probably up to more like 80 or 85.

So if you're ever in the mood for some cute stop-motion, hop on over and cast your vote. The voting lasts for a loooooo-oooonnnnnggg time and you can vote everyday so don't be shy!
The contest is here, Harv is commercial number 5. Thanks for listening, you all are the sweetest!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Harv and I went to a party recently called Kroquasian. It was an Asian themed croquet party. Sounds strange, I know, but let me tell you: greatest party ever!

All of the guest were in "anything goes" Asian costumes and the hosts decorated like mother truckers, with lanterns galore, a giant homemade gong, a pagoda bar and an incredible custom croquet course.

Also...Singapore Slings. Oh goodness, those are good.

We've never been costume people but we gave our all for this party and had so much fun. I made a "Lady Harvatine Style" Kimono and Harv went as a Roaring-20's-Socialite-Panda-from-Long-Island. "The Great Pands-by", if you will, complete with bamboo croquet mallet (its long in case he gets hungry and needs a snack).

The kimono was made from an altered Butterick (I think) costume pattern. I shortened the hem considerably and the sleeves slightly, and added the patchwork panels at the bottom of the sleeves. Harv's costume was entirely thrifted with the exception of ears, a tail and a pair of women's argyle socks from Target.
You can see some more photos here.