Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Long Time Coming

First: a huge thank you for all of your comments on the Emmy. You all are the best and It's nice to be able to share some of the non-quilting in my life.

Second: Last night I attended the first ever meeting of the LA Modern Quilt Guild. It was a great meeting full of amazing ladies and I'm so excited to meet like minded quilters in this area. If you live around here (or are willing to drive to LA) check out the guild. It looks to be a guild like no other, in a very good way!

Third: Remember this guy? Probably not because I started it two and a half years ago. The plan was to hand quilt circles all over this mother. I worked on it some, my hand-quilting sucked. It wasn't fun. So it was put away.
Well, two and a half years later I have resurrected this quilt from obscurity. I actually had to search for it when I decided to do this.

The hand-quilting was out. It's not my style and I'm just not interested. So I ripped it all out.

One of the reasons I didn't do this sooner is because I couldn't really think of a style of quilting that would work better than additional bubbles. Which is weird because once I came up with this straight lines idea, I liked it so much better! Maybe that's just my 2009 tastes compared to my 2007 tastes. Perhaps I'm less literal now.

So, if you weren't around back then and you want to read about this quilt's beginnings you can go right ahead!