Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Effervescing All Over the Place

I must type this real quick like because I am going to do some actual work today! At an actual workplace that is not my home! Yeeps! But don't worry, it is just for one day and I will be back in the craft room tomorrow.
My very bubbly quilt top is complete! I am so happy with it. All of the circles are appliqued and I made them using this handy trick as I mentioned before. I am going to hand quilt this baby with lots of little circles to add to the bubbliness. I am not sure what to use to draw the quilting circles on the top. I have had some bum luck in the past with certain pencils and chalk. Any tips?


  1. Have you tried a hera marker?

  2. Another idea is to use freezer paper... Trace & cut out your circles onto freezer paper. Iron them to the quilt, quilt around them, remove & reuse the freezer paper.

  3. this is wonderful!! the colors are so fun!!

  4. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Wow!! I love it! The different colors/patterns really do effervesce!

  5. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I'm not really a "quilt person," but I love this quilt. Very fun. Seems like it would be fun to make. Very nice.

    P.S. I linked to your blog from dogged.

  6. Anonymous3:06 AM

    I've not tried this myself but I've seen mentioned many times that a very thin sliver of soap is good for marking. Leaves just enough of a mark to quilt around but washes out properly with no residue. Not sure if this would mark out circles easily or not.
    Your quilt is lovely and I am very keen to try out your foil circle technique.

  7. Anonymous7:03 AM

    ooo....its great....

  8. I can'r really remember how I got to your blog, but I love it!
    AND THIS QUILT!!! Awesome!! I love any sort of polka-dots or circles. (My mom and sister tease me that I like balls, but I prefer to call them "spheres".)
    Your husband is a Packer fan? Out there in California? (I live about 50 minutes north of Green Bay. The last time we were there we saw some Packer guy at Target. Obviously, I don't care much about the football, because I can't remember which one it was.) Anyway, love your blog and ADORE this quilt.

  9. Anonymous6:45 PM

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