Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Suitable Swap

I couldn't help but jump right in to my doll quilting. I did a bit of snooping at my partner's blog and flickr page. I was very happy to find that we seem to share fairly similar tastes, at least I seem to like most everything that she likes. I guess I can't say that she necessarily likes the things that I do.
This is a great comfort to me. I was very worried that I would not be able to come up with a suitable swap that would leave both parties (myself and my swappee) happily satisfied with whatever I produced. This is a constant gift giving dilemma for me. Of course one always wants to give gifts that suit the recipient's tastes but in most cases we give what fits into our own interpretation of a giftee's tastes. We send their likes and dislikes through a filter of our own and whatever makes it through to the other side is an acceptable gift. I know that this is almost impossible to avoid yet it seems so silly when I think about how very very different my tastes are from those of some of the people I regularly exchange gifts with (I will name no names in so public a forum as this).
Maybe I have more of a conflict over this than others do. I hate to give people gifts from wish lists or things that they have specifically asked for. I love surprises and I love to surprise others. A gift is not something owed. I value the thought put into a gift so much more than the gift itself. I think perhaps I get a little carried away with this ideal of romantic gift giving and of course it has happened many times that I have made a mad dash for Amazon wish lists a week before Christmas because I have been unable to come up with anything else.
Am I rambling? It's ok, you can tell me if I am. Anyway, I've done it! I have finished my doll quilt swap doll quilt and will be sending it out tomorrow. I would like so much to post some pictures of it right now but I will resist. Well ok, I will leave you with this:
I love sweet little birds and I think that the person I am sending this to likes them as well. I hope so!
These little birds will be flying away to their new home and when they arrive I will share the pictures of the entire quilt.


  1. I love those birds... (fingers crossed) Now to go off and quilt mine... (I pieced it lickety split & I even posted a photo of the tops - I pieced 3 - to my blog...

  2. I can't wait to see the whole quilt! I love the fabric and I bet you make someone very happy :D

  3. That was quick! Then again, I pieced my top before I even got the info on my recipient. I wondered whether we should show them or not, but I may follow your lead and hold out. I look forward to seeing yours!

  4. Not sure who your partner is, but wow, I hope it's me, your quilt is incredible!

  5. sorry to the others, but i was the lucky recpient!!! wheeeeeeeee!! i LOVELOVELOVE it so much Liz!! I'm a little bit shocked by it's beauty. and all it's lovliness came to me. thank you, thank you thank you!!! xxxx

  6. Anonymous2:13 PM

    You are super-speedy and talented. The colors and fabrics are perfect!