Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Sack

Well, old mister so-and-so says that I shouldn't share any pictures of the puppets I am working on until the film is done. That is ok, it will be worth the wait. I have been making some super cute little costumes here.
I finished one puppet yesterday and before diving into the second one I took a little break to make something that I can show you.
A sweet little springtime purse, made with the fabric that adorns my living room wall. A couple of years ago I told Harv the importance of changing purses with the changing seasons and he has since been very comically aware of whether I am carrying an appropriate purse or not.
I made this similar bag about a month ago to use when we went to Europe. I made it from Butterick pattern 4944. It is a great big bag, perfect of for carrying all of your sightseeing necessities without looking like a dopey tourist with a big backpack or (gasp!) a fanny pack. When I travel I try to look and act as much like I would in the city where I live as possible. The big purse is a must. The only change I made to the pattern was I lengthened the strap so that I could where it across my chest. The pattern has a really short strap that just goes over one shoulder.
I loved this pattern. It was so easy to make and I really like the look of it. The new bag is much smaller. I wanted an everyday purse and I know that if I have a large bag to carry around with me I will fill it up and I don't need to be lugging around 15 pounds of Advil, paperbacks and tampons. I was going to scan the original pattern into the computer and resize it but I decided that it was simple enough that I could just draw a new one myself. It was very easy and there was only a tiny bit of arithmetic that made my brain hurt. (Have I mentioned that math and arithmetic are different? Not all math majors are good at arithmetic. Please don't judge me!) I used the actual pattern pieces for the closure strap, the handle and the two side tabs, just shortening the closure strap.
I also changed the inside pocket. The one in the pattern is way too shallow and your stuff just falls out but it is easy enough to make your own.
So with a back-to-school purse and back-to-school hair(greatest haircut of my life, by the way, but kind of flat in this picture...haven't washed it yet, don't tell) I am hopefully ready to go back to school (work) on Monday!

PS Buy this! It just came out on Tuesday and is so funny and wonderful. The episode called "Love" has my best animation on this DVD. Watch it!


  1. How funny... I just got some of that fabric in the purple (I go the spider webs on purple. too) I had to get the purple to go with my 4 other pieces that are similar but by a different designer, so that they will all go together... Now I need a bird... & Only a bord, not a yard of the fabric with a bird on it - I think I have too much of that type of fabric already for my one Lotta bag... Ah well... (I better look at the pattern again before making such statements, but I truely hope that 4 yards is enough for a bag...)

  2. hey there!

    yes, I just picked up the dvds on tuesday!

    and yes your hair does look does your quilting artistry!


  3. Oh, I love that Etsuko bag! So cute. Feel free to put one in your Etsy store for me to purchase. ;) So cute.

  4. Your bags look great! I'm nervous to carry bags without zippers when I travel... I'm just not aware enough I guess. But your bags are super cute, and so is your hair!

  5. Great bag! I'll be heading to the store for that pattern very soon. Thanks for the look.

  6. Cute bag! I just bought that fabric in blue. Adorable.

  7. Love your bag, love the haircut! Pooh..on back to work:(