Sunday, April 15, 2007


Well internet, have I told you about this?
I didn't think so. Long story very short, our friend Eric needed an old Winnebago and Harv thought it would be fun to go in on it with him. It's a 1972 Winnebago in decent condition with awesome 70's shag carpet and panelling.
It's awesome. I have many dreams of retro 70's curtains and cushion covers for the benches and front seats.
It's like a house that I can decorate in a way that I would never ever want to decorate my actual house. Like a themed decorating challenge. And it will be a challenge because I want to be very authentic, not hokey at all and the three of us owners (me, Harv and Eric) only experienced about 2 years, 5 months of the '70's between us. It will also be difficult because because I have visions of pom-pommed curtains and granny squares on the bed but I know that I need to keep the cuteness level at about a four or five, to be fair to the two gentlemen.
So we invested in the RV, we had it fixed up, it was given a clean bill of health. Yesterday the three of us set off on our very first adventure in the beast: camping on the coast, about 40 miles north of LA. Eric's sister Jenny was following us in her car because she wanted to come but could not stay the night. Thank goodness for that.
We set off on our merry way,
Eric driving, Harv rocking out and me happily rippling away in the back, all of us dreaming of the beer and hot dogs we would be enjoying by the campfire that night.
We were about ten miles from our campsite when we got a call from Jenny, saying the RV was on fire. Yes, there were flames coming out of the general vicinity of the back right wheel. So naturally, we pulled over, naturally, we had no fire extinguisher and managed to extinguish the (not so large) fire with bottled water.
Well folks, the adventure was over. Actually it wasn't entirely over until at least three hours later when we all managed to cram ourselves and our camping gear (you know, pillows, board games, more pillows) into Jenny's car and leave our sad little Winnebago to return home in defeat.
I won't bore you with the automotive details, mostly because I don't want to bore myself. There is still hope though and my decorating dreams may still come to fruition. I will keep you abreast.
Anyway, we came home. We still got to eat our wieners and drink our beer and we still got to build a campfire and we even got to share it with those non-campers among us.

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    aaaaw.... the kitty in the basket.... adorable :)