Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Long Time No Blog

There's no good reason for my recent lapse in posting so let's just pick up where we left off, ay?
At long long long long last I have finished this beast.

A Denyse Schmidt inspired queen sized quilt for my sister Lauren's birthday. Her birthday, in case you were wondering, is June 6. Guess what tomorrow is! It's her half-birthday! Yes, this gift is 6 months late. But it's such a special gift, surely that's okay!

So what took me so long? I don't know. It's not like there was anything particularly difficult about this. I think I just reached several plateaus of motivation and had a hard time working my way past them. But it is done.

Hey, here's something cool: because Lauren lives in Connecticut where a thin quilt doesn't cut it in the winter I turned this quilt into a duvet so she can use it year round. I quilted together the quilt top, batting and a queen sized sheet from Ikea. Then I bound that together with the actual quilt back, leaving a three foot opening at the bottom to stuff a comforter into. It's convertible! Clever, aye?

Of course you can't put a new quilt out anywhere without this happening:

If the quilt weren't going to my sister I wouldn't let the cats love all over it. But where this baby's going there will certainly be much more of the like.

PS Check me out: I've been nominated for a major award! I'm very excited and there's no mirror in here but I think I'm blushing as I write this. The ceremony isn't until February and in the meantime I must find something fabulous to wear. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow! You sure know how to come back into the blogging world with a bang! Your sister's quilt is lovely. And I think people should celebrate their 6 month birthdays more.

    As to your nomination, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm totally going to show this to my boyfriend and say "Look! I know her!!"

  2. wow! that is some wonderful company to be nominated in! good luck!

    I thought I would tell you a funny story...Thanksgiving day my brother was telling my husband about these hilarious star wars videos. he found them on youtube and they laughed and laughed and watch all of them. well they were telling me all about them since i couldn't watch because i was cooking.
    so later i was showing my sister in law you flip flop slippers which i told her i was making for gifts this year. that's when i noticed your post about finishing one of your angry chicken videos.
    that's when i realized that YOU make those videos that my husband and brother were going ga-ga over! they all thought it was pretty cool! all four of us admired various types of your work in a span of a couple hours and didn't even realize it!! COOL!
    oh, and i'll be posting pictures of the 5 pairs of slippers i made using your pattern!

  3. A very bee-u-ti-ful quilt! I am not sure if I am more impressed by it or the major award! Congratulations on both!

  4. Congratulations on the nomination! That's so great that you are able to get national recognition for the work that you do.

    That quilt is so beautiful! loving the colors and fabric choices and the quilting. That is such a great idea to turn it into a duvet. I'll be storing that idea for our cold Michigan winters.

  5. Big Huge congratulations on the nomination! Believe me, this will be a very exciting bit of news around here, where art, animation and graphics are favored and where Ray Harryhausen is a treasured icon. The new quilt is beautiful and I love the duvet addition... very clever. I would name the quilt after your yellow-eyed kitty... I can't help but see the resemblance.

  6. It's me. Back again... had to peek at your kitties again. they're so cute!

  7. LOVE the quilt~nice job!