Thursday, December 27, 2007

A happy Christmas

Alright! We've done it. Christmas is over and it was great. Harv and I are in Minnesota, spending the holidays with his family. So you know what time it's time to share more handmade gifts, now that they have all been given. My sister gave me a hard time because she saw this shopping bag on my blog before receiving it. How about that? She reads my blog! Who knew?
So now that it's safe, here's the full body shot of the sneak peek I gave you earlier.

It's a western shirt for Harv's mom, Dar. Along with being a very crafty lady, Dar is a bit of a cowgirl at heart. The pattern is McCall's (I'm sorry I don't have the number!) and the embroidery patterns are from Sublime Stitching.

AND, guess what Harv got me for Christmas!

A MacBook Pro, and just in the nick of time! My old laptop is crapping out big time. So Merry Christmas to you and Merry Christmas to me too!


  1. LOL... it's like one those sad sinus ads... go blow your nose for goodness sake! Merry Christmas! And I love that rose vined cowgirl shirt... I could rustle-up vittles and mosey around the garden in pretty threads like them.

  2. Well the cow girl shirt is glorious -- I hope she was sufficiently awed and eternally grateful! Glad to hear your holidays have been merry---

  3. Don't you LOVE PhotoBooth? Hubby got me a new MacBook for Christmas also. I discovered PhotoBooth during our Christmas car trip and had the best time taking pictures. I managed to get twins while using the mirror effect. Now dear daughter isn't an only child--at least in pictures.