Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gift for Who???

I've decided to share a few of the Christmas gifts I'll be making this year, before they are given. The reason for this is that I'm not working right now and hiatus tends to be a time when I can really devote a lot of effort to not only my crafts but also my blog. I like to share with you all! Once the gifts are given, I will be back to work with not so much free time. Also, I'm sad to say that I have serious doubts about the regularity with which most of the people I will be giving gifts to read this blog. You know who you are. Although you're probably not reading this so you don't know that I know you know who you are.
So, completed gift number one:

A very stylish reusable shopping bag. Made from this pattern, this was a fun and easy knit. My one complaint with this pattern was this line: " Use a very stretchy bind off like Lucy Neatby's Modified Conventional bind off [see Lucy's Knitting Essentials DVD volume 1 for a detailed how-to]". Come on! Just teach me a stretchy bind-off, or at least tell me where I can learn one without buying a DVD. I did a search online and ended up using and Elizabeth Zimmerman bind-off that I found here.

I used Tahki Cotton Classic in Linen White instead of the hemp yarn called for in the pattern. I was much too impatient to order anything online.

The handles are gross-grain ribbon with some cotton twill tape as a lining. I sandwiched the edge of the bag between the two and machine stitched them together. I also classed it up a bit by using this pretty ribbon for the draw string, rather than a cord.

Isn't that neat? It folds into itself so you can keep it with you. I dig it and I certainly hope its recipient does as well.


  1. Very cool bag. It makes me wish I could knit. I'm sure anyone would be thrilled to receive it.

  2. Oh man, I'm so behind on my blogs! Ok your Christmas decorations are very cute, I'm glad to see the quilt I made for you is well loved! I still have yet to try making some bibs, and the ones you made look great. The quilt is beautiful, and i LOVE the label. I bought some inkjet fabric sheets a while back but never got around to trying to make anything with them. In fact I love the quilt and the label so much I'm going to mark them as favorites in flickr. And lastly, that bag is awesome. The drawstring is genius, and i think for that reason alone i'm going to have to make one too!

  3. I loves it! How very green of you :) You know how I admire that...

    BTW, am making cookies tomorrow for the dept. secretaries. Guess what I'll be wearing? My amazing apron!