Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kitchen Accessories

Busy busy busy! My goodness, there's a lot to do. It makes me quite glad that we're not working. Robot Chicken Season 3 ended for Harv and I about two weeks ago, we met his parents in Arizona (where this was taken in case you were wondering), then brought them back to our house for the rest of the week and we arrived in Connecticut on Tuesday morning to spend T-giving with my family. In the meantime I really really really wanted to finish this quilt for my sister Lauren. Her birthday was in June. I'm so close to being done but I had to throw in the towel the night before we flew out. That will be my first order of business as soon as we return. I did however have time to make some birthday gifts that were late but just barely.
In this case, just a few days! That's really good for me.
My dear friend Niamh is a doer of many things, one of which is cooking.

I've had the idea for this apron design for a while now and Niamh's birthday seemed like the perfect motivation to get me to actually make it.

Included with the apron was a matching oven mitt, made with a layer of regular batting and a layer of Insul-Bright.

It works pretty well, much better than two layers of regular batting.
The second mitt is for me.

Also for me...

Another off-set square pin cushion, made from the oven mitt scraps! This one is a baby. The squares are only 3 inches wide. I really love it is a perfect sewing accessory! I highly recommend you make one of your own.


  1. What a fabulous set!

  2. Late for work and somewhat bleary eyed, my husband says to me: "You can tell your blogging friend that I am officially addicted to Robot-Chicken."
    I love your latest creations, especially the apron.
    Happy Thanksgiving Liz, and I hope you and Harv have a wonderful RC break.

  3. Those look beautiful! I love the cafe aprons that are so popular now, but I really need a full apron when I'm cooking. The one you made for your friend looks fabulous!

  4. Liz, I'm loving your blog and adding it to my faves....your work is terrific!

  5. Lovely, I like lots of colour on white like that!!! great work, your quilts are wonderful!