Sunday, November 11, 2007

Number 3

Three years and counting.
For our first anniversary (paper) I made Harv an album full of photos from our first year. For our second anniversary I made him this cotton quilt. Third anniversary is leather and as much as I love the idea of making Harv an appropriate gift every year I just couldn't come up with a handmade leather gift that he would actually like and use. So, for the leather, I bought him a new wallet. For the handmade gift, I made him this western shirt.

Harv has been on the look out for what he calls "snap shirts" for the last couple of years. We haven't had much luck recently; I think their popularity is waining. Not in our house though, so I thought it would be great to make him his own custom, Lady Harvatine western shirt.

The fabric is one of my favorite little vintage repro prints at Joanns. I used it for the lining of a laptop bag I made for Harv last Christmas and it is now his favorite as well.
This is certainly the most elaborate article of clothing I have ever made. It was very satisfying what with all of the snaps and edge stitching.

Harv has already requested another. With his permission, I might try a little piping on the next one.


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Liz, this is the best thing you've ever made me in a long history of things you made me.

  2. That shirt's awesome.

  3. that shirt is awesome! your attention to detail is amazing and the fabric is great! happy anniversary!

  4. I love it! Could you tell me what pattern you used? I've looked for shirt patterns for my boyfriend and the models are all look so dorky looking that it's hard for me to imagine how they would look un-dorkified. But this one, I really like. Great job!

  5. That looks great. And I love that Harv was the first commenter.