Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Soon-To-Be Becurtained Craft Room

Having my craft room functioning again has really made any time that I am not at work utterly craft filled, as it should be. But yesterday I just wasn't feeling so hot all afternoon and I made the declaration that "Tonight, I am going to take it easy."
Nuh-uh. That was until I came home and saw this on my doorstep!
Twelve wonderful yards of this fabric ordered from Repro Depot; cafe curtains for 6 of the 7 windows in my room. (Actually there are two windows, one door with a window and a set of French doors that lead into the rest of the house in addition to the 7 windows that actually look outside. Those will not be curtained.)
Of course I got straight to work. Here is one set finished:Here is the rest of the windows, still naked:
And here is the pile of unfinished curtains, cut, sides sewn, awaiting my return tonight:
I just had to finish and install one set last night so that I could see how pretty they would be with the light shining though them this morning. Pretty. I am very satisfied with my choice.


  1. beautiful curtains! I am impressed with how nicely they line up with the window sill. The fabric is fabulous.

  2. My previous studio had 9 windows so, I feel your pain.I never actually hunkered down and made curtains. I just tried never to be in my studio in my pajamas.