Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Eighties Fun

The birthday boy was inspired by the Star Wars coasters and dug out some homemade Pac-Man valences that he found at a thrift store years ago (seen here atop a tall tall building that has made numerous Robot Chicken appearances).
They are just panels of Pac-Man fabric folded in half and stitched around the perimeters, with a pocket left at the top for a curtain rod.
I am going to make him something with the fabric and then I'll keep the rest as payment. We are thinking maybe a lap top cozy or more coasters.


  1. My son has been a fanatic of Pac Man since he was about three (he's now 11 and the fascination remains). When I made his bed quilt I appliqu├ęd Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man and Jr. Pac Man onto the squares at his request. He will flip when he sees your fabric.

    As a female who adores star wars, I love your star wars coasters as well (Everyone in my family has his/her own light saber....look what comes of living with all men.)

    Love your quilts too.


  2. I LOVE YOUR PAC MAN FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bonus points to you!

  3. Anonymous10:00 AM

    hello... I am desperately trying to get hold of some pac man fabric to line a leather wallet for a client. Do you have any spare? I need only 2 pieces that measure approx 145mm x 285mm each.
    I wonder if you can help or steer me in the right direction?

  4. Where did you get the fabric? Been looking for pacman fabric for a pacman themed party. Help please!