Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mail Call

I've had some wonderful mail lately:
1. My first Moo cards. I am amazed at how nice these are! I highly recommend them. I had my blog address printed on the back so I can direct people who might be interested here without saying "GO TO MY BLOG!" I don't like to talk about blogging or crafting too much with non-bloggers or non-crafters, for fear of being annoying or misunderstood. But some people are interested, so this is a nice gentle way to bring them here.
2. This lovely book! Very very pretty...I started reading last night. Even though I know how to sew I still enjoy reading about how to do things. It's the same with other things too like knitting and animation. I really like thinking about the process.
3. Knitpicks yarn to make this pattern. I'm not sure what I was thinking here. I want this sweater but come on! A sweater out of fingering weight yarn? Am I an idiot? I should finish this in about 5 years. You can see that I started a sleeve. What do you that about .0001% finished? I am committing. I will wear this someday.


  1. Hello, I just discovered your blog and am blown away by all your projects! I absolutely love your bubbly quilt, I may even try to make a bubbly pillow myself!

  2. Ha ha ha, Liz. I started my thermal sometime back in the winter. It's about 20 inches long, all body, and I've set stitches aside for the button placket and right and left front. But no sleeves. No neckline as yet. Just an unbroken, 20 inch tube of waffle stitch.

    Yes, we are idiots to make sweaters out of fingering-weight yarn.