Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pirate Quilt for a Girl Pirate

My pirate loving friend Melissa is having a birthday this weekend, the perfect opportunity to make her a Jolly Roger-inspired doll quilt.
Just what she needs to do some serious swashbuckling.
I made the quilt using this awesome method, which I first saw here.
Then got myself some freezer paper. (Note to Southern Californians: I bought this at Vons, they didn't have any at Ralph's or Target)
I drew a skull and crossbones, cut it out with an exacto knife and ironed it onto the quilt. Then I dabbed on some white screen printing fabric paint.
In case you're wondering, yes I did quilt the entire quilt before doing the stencil and yes, that was not the best idea. The reason I did it was because I didn't have any freezer paper when I started the quilt and I was too excited to stop working on it. So the stencil isn't perfect but I'm okay with that. Pirates aren't perfect either.
The quilt is not actually a flag, I just basted on some temporary ties for a photo shoot. I tried to take pictures of it hanging in front of our house but our house just isn't very nice looking, especially around the little flag pole holder. So I had to recruit some pirate models.
The matching outfits are a coincidence.


  1. I don't know your friend, but I suspect she's going to faint from happiness :) That's soooooo fun!

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    That is sooo cool!

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I LOVE IT!!! You're so talented and I'm going to cherish this forever. I can't stop gushing over it. Thank you so much! xoxox

  4. That's so awesome!

  5. That totally rules. have you seen this?

  6. I love it! The skull juxtaposed against the pink and calico remind me of Sarah Vowell's account of her one-night stint as a goth named "Becky."

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