Thursday, May 02, 2013

Log Pyramid Quilt Along: Quilting

Ok, I lied.  I'm going to break the ending up into two posts.  So today we'll quilt and next Wednesday we'll bind and be done!

To start, pick a point where six pyramids meet, somewhere in the middle of your quilt.  With a walking foot, you're going to quilt one third of this intersection.  Use the edge of your foot and the seam as a guide.  The line below indicates where I started quilting.  I followed the seam down from the top right corner until I reached the seam at the center of this third.  With the needle down, lift your presser foot and rotate the quilt to follow the next leg.  

Now you can go back to where you started and use your first line of quilting as a guide and fill in the rest of this "third".

When you reach an area where your quilting line is close to another seam, you can use that as an opportunity to straighten your quilting.  You're going to get off a little bit, that's okay.  You'll have lots of chances to gradually straighten things out.

After you finish that entire section you can move on to the other two, like so:

When all three sections are complete I choose to stitch in the ditch just on those three legs that you used as your initial guides.  It won't make much of a difference on the front of the quilt it will keep you from having a gap in the quilting when you look at the back.

You can find the rest of the quilt along at the following links:

  • Friday, April 12 - Fabric and supplies
  • Monday, April 15 - Making your template
  • Tuesday, April 16 - Cutting your fabric
  • Thursday, April 18 - Piecing the main blocks
  • Tuesday, April 23 - Piecing the side blocks
  • Thursday, April 25 - Making the quilt top
  • Tuesday, April 30 - Making the quilt back
  • Thursday, May 2 - Quilting
  • Friday, June 28 - Binding
  • Monday, July 1 - The End!

  • And you can share your progress in the Flickr group, here!


    1. Looks awesome! I've kinda stalled out on mine, i need to get on it and finish it up!

    2. This looks awesome! I just found your QAL so I'll be adding it to my to do list. thanks for the inspiration and QAL.

    3. I just found your blot through YouTube hex by machine video. Really like this quilt along too, but have been "busy" all morning checking out your blog. I even like your DH's case (from I thing 2010) that you had him make himself. You have really been at it for a long time. Great tutes and more. Thanks!