Friday, June 07, 2013

Guess What

Hi internet, can you tell I've been busy?

Little Teddy was born last Monday, at home like his big sister.  Mommy and baby are doing very well. This guy is quite a bit easier than his sister was, so far at least.  Here's hoping he can keep it up and let mommy get some sewing done this summer!

I sincerely apologize for dropping the ball on the final installment of the Log Pyramid Quilt Along.  The binding post will be coming very soon!


  1. sweet!! Congratulations. Rest up (while you can) and I'll check back to see how you and Teddy are doing :)

  2. Aawwww, congratulations! Is he a Theodore? I have a Theodore! So many good nicknames in there.

    1. He is Theodore, Kim! We loved the name Teddy but I'm not one to give a nickname as a given name. Is your son Theo? I'd love for him to go by that as an adult rather than Ted but I'm sure that won't happen after years of being called Teddy. It is a great name though!

  3. I think we've all just shared a huge sigh of new-baby-adorableness!
    Awwww... congratulations. Why bother apologizing? Who would notice anything amiss,
    when gazing at your sweet babe?

  4. Oh, congratulations. He is absolutely lovely!

  5. congratulations! he is amazingly cute.

  6. Mmmm babies. I love babies. Only thing better than quilt pictures - baby pictures. Congratulations and good luck trying to get some sewing done with two at your feet!

  7. Congratulations! What a perfect little guy!