Saturday, February 12, 2011

It begins.

Here she is, in the first Mommy-made outfit we could get her in.
First Mommy-made outfit

You can read a bit about the romper here.  I also made the leggings using Made By Rae's baby tights pattern.  It's a free pattern and they fit her well.  The only problem I had was the pattern tells you to measure your baby's waist to get the elastic measurement.  That was hard to do when your baby isn't born yet.  I think I based my measurement on Rae's measurement for her 7 month old daughter but Ginny ended up being a little too chubby so these have to ride low on her hips.  I will definitely make more of these when I can carve out a little sewing time.  We have so many legless onesies and it's a little too chilly for bare legs despite being in Southern California.


Thank you all for your kind wishes on my last post.  It's so exciting to finally share Virginia with you all!  A birth story will be forthcoming as per popular demand.  And I'll give fair warning so anyone who doesn't want to read all of the gory details can look away.  It's tough to find time to do much of anything though, as any of you parents can understand I'm sure, so I can't promise when I'll get it all written up.  Turns out babies are a lot of work!  Who knew?


  1. Congratulations! She is the sweetest baby and you look like the happiest mum! Enjoy every minute you have with her... it whirls by so fast! :-)) Thought I'd share a link with you ... ... great quick and simple pattern for a baby sling if you get bored and want a dozen in different fabrics!!! 1 hr make time tops! Very comfy! Highly recommend! Can't wait to see more pics of her as she gets bigger and fits into all those sweet outfits you've made!

  2. Ginny is just adorable and looks so cute in the gorgeous romper that you made, aww be proud mummy!
    I agree with Mairi - make the most of every precious second. I just blinked and my baby is 3 - how did that happen, lol.

  3. She is gorgeous Liz! Congratulations!

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  5. She is beautiful. The older she gets the more time you will slowly get to craft/blog. Spend every second enjoying her for now! They grow so fast! One day you'll be teaching her to sew too :D Congrats

  6. I can't wait for the gory details. Haha!

    How are the cats dealing with the new attention-seeker?

    I love her tights- you never cease to impress me.

  7. COngratulations!! She is breath taking. I love the little outfits you made, so impressive.

  8. I found you on Flickr a while ago, missed the blog, and now I kept seeing that BWing quilting mama in flick photos. So there you were :)

    You have a beautifull daughter and you both are gorgeous when babywearing.

    Oh, and you make gorgeous quilts, almost forgot about this :)))

  9. She is so cute! Congratulations!