Monday, November 22, 2010

Grand Opening

The day has finally arrived.  I am so excited to announce the (not so) grand opening of the official Lady Harvatine shop!  The only reason it's "not so" grand is because I don't have many wares to offer you at this point.  Technically only one ware.  But it's a grand ware in and of itself and I have many more grand things in the works!

The Mod Beads Lap Quilt

This pattern is for a 45" x 60" quilt with suggested layouts and fabric requirements for making twin, full/queen and king sized quilts.

The pattern relies on templates to cut out the pieces.  There are curves and you may find curves scary but you shouldn't!  Trust me, they are not so bad.  In fact, I find them incredibly satisfying and fun.  There's something pretty awesome about fitting two curved pieces together and getting a nice flat seam.  It's like piecing a puzzle! 
I would say this pattern is suitable for a slightly advanced beginning quilter.  There is nothing too difficult in the pattern but I do assume you know the most basic basics of quilt making.

The pattern does however teach you to use Dale Fleming's 6-minute circle technique which I absolutely love and has really inspired the whole curved piecing kick that I've been on lately.  Again, sewing circles (or ovals in this case) may seem scary but DO NOT BE SCARED!  You can do it, I promise.

This is a PDF file that you will be able to download after purchasing, not a physical printed pattern.  You must be able to print out the template pages so you must have access to a printer.  By purchasing this pattern you have the right to use it for yourself only.  Please be nice and don't email it around or print out copies for all of your friends.  Thank you!

Visit the shop here!


  1. Whaahooo!! Congrats on the grand opening!!

  2. What a fabulous quilt! I'm one of those scaredy cats when it comes to curves, but to make a quilt like this... I might venture into it! Very nice and CONGRATS on your new shop!

  3. Mod-Pods... I love your quilts. Best of luck with your shop!

  4. YEA YEA YEA!!!! Congrats on the Grand opening!

  5. That is flippin' fabulous!

  6. this pattern is gorgeous! can't wait to get it as a gift to myself ; )

  7. Gorgeous. Thank you for letting us feature this quilt on!