Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wonderful Wee

Well it's hot as you know what. Maybe you don't know what, but I'm not going to tell you because this is a family friendly blog. But just trust me, it's bad. It's hot as a bad bad word.
Now look at this picture I just took.
It doesn't look so bad, does it? Look at the pretty flowers and the pretty pretty sky! It's beautiful! No, you're wrong. It's hell, in my own backyard.
At least I have this sweet little butterfly already finished, made from Hillary Lang's not-surprisingly great Wee Wonderfuls Hand Sewing for Fun pattern cards. I braved the heat of the yard (which is oddly hotter than the unair-conditioned house at 2 in the afternoon) to take these pictures so I can share them with you and feel like I've accomplished something today aside from sweating and eating the Fresca popsicles I made last night.
Phew. Sorry for ranting.

PS Fresca popsicles aren't very good. I wouldn't recommend you try them.


  1. Your bugs in the garden are adorable. Wee Wonderfuls will be proud.

  2. Haha. Thank goodness for your PS, when I read your post the first time I thought "MMMM!!! Fresca Popsicles!!" Your butterfly looks so cute, I may have to order the patterns!