Sunday, September 16, 2007

Great Big Pants

A birthday gift for the legendary Jenny Towner.

The pattern is from Amy Butler's In Stitches.
I had read elsewhere on the internet that these wide legged pants were reeeeeeally wide. It's true. But Jenny liked them.

I used the same He-Man bed sheet that I used to make this pillow for another friend's birthday. I was a little limited in the placement of the images. I only had just enough fabric widthwise to make the pants the images aren't in the most ideal spots. I taped the front and back pattern pieces together at the side seams so that I only had to cut out two pieces of fabric. It seemed like it would be easier to get what I wanted out of the fabric by doing it this way. Plus, that's two less seams to sew. There really wasn't any reason not to do it this way since the legs are so straight.
I don't think that this is quite what Amy Butler means when she suggests using vintage fabric. But how can you not love these when Skeletor looks so bad ass?


  1. Its great fun to make such comfy pants, and the sheet was the perfect fabric! :-)

  2. Neat-o, those are still on my to do list... Hopefully they will be tah done by the time I go on vacation... Love the idea of skipping two seams.

    Do you think this pattern could be "dressed - up"