Monday, September 24, 2007

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt

Hello friends. Sorry to be gone so long. We made a quick trip to Atlanta this past weekend for my cousin's wedding and things were quite crazy leading up to our departure. On top of the regular packing and other traveling preparations we had a sick puss on our hands, had to find a puss sitter to give him medicine twice a day while we were gone, scrambled to put together our formal attire (Harv hadn't worn his suit in three years and we knew this because he found a chocolate favor and program from a friend's wedding in the pocket) PLUS I made the fastest quilt in the history of (my) quilts to give to the happy couple.
I finished the quilt the night before we left. Since we left for the airport before it was light out I didn't have a chance to take pictures of it before the trip (needing natural light and all). So before the wedding, Harv and I took this baby out on the streets of Atlanta and had a little photo shoot.

Actually, we took it to a park. Piedmont Park? Does that sound right? Well there was a beautiful lake, lots of sunshine and grass! Actual grass! Something that my backyard is sorely lacking.

I'm calling this design Audio 1. I was inspired by the random zig zags of audio waves. I see them everyday on the track sheets we use at work. The first time I remember seeing something like that as a kid was in Fantasia. I loved that movie.
It's called Audio 1 because I'm not sure that this is exactly what I was going for. I may try another version based on this idea. But we'll see.

I do like it a lot. I hope that the bride and groom do as well. I'm not totally sure of their tastes. The nice thing about making a little throw like this for people is they don't have to feel obligated to have it out on display if it doesn't exactly suit them. It's perfectly acceptable to store it in a closet and bring it out for a snuggle every once in a while.

(PS Stabone is on antibiotics and he should be better soon!)


  1. I hope Stabone gets better soon! It's no fun trying to feed cats medicine... and your quilt looks fabulous. I actually remember the Fantasia audio waves, and I have to say I loved that movie. Even though most of the people who I know hated it.

  2. Love it. It is super-fantastic.

    Hope your little kitty feels better soon!

  3. Anonymous5:18 AM

    I love the quilt! Atlanta looks beautiful too! Did you have fun? Are you gonna do a Tut on this quilt design?

  4. I can't see anyone not loving that quilt! good work!

  5. I love all of the quilts you've made. I've been wanting to make a quilt for a while but have been stuck on fabric selection. I need to get over myself and just bite the bullet already.

  6. Anonymous5:39 AM

    love the simplicity of this one.

  7. your quilt is fantastic! how could they not LOVE it???

    very nice job, Liz.

  8. I double love that quilt - it is just beautiful.

  9. The quilt is gorgeous! Do you know how long it would take me to make something that pretty? Well, I couldn't, really. I'd probably just get on and buy something. But do you know how amazing that quilt is? It really does look like sound waves! You are very talented.

  10. Hi, I just found your blog by Googling "sound wave quilt," and this is fantastic. It's the perfect inspiration for my own quilting project I'm planning. Thank you for sharing your amazing art with everyone and anyone who might think to come looking!