Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Week in Quilting

My sister Lauren's quilt top is almost finished. The squares are all assembled and ready to be sewn together.
When I laid it out last night, Harv came in the room and asked "What does Lilly think of it?" On cue, she came sauntering in and went right for the center square. I think that means she likes it.
We don't get very good light in our house so this morning I opened up the front door to brighten things up a little and tried to take a better picture.
If there is one thing that cats are more interested in than a quilt it's an open front door.
I don't think Lauren ever ever reads this blog but I'll have to direct her here. This quilt is a belated birthday gift and I let her choose the pattern (it is Denyse Schmidt inspired) and the color palette but I'm still nervous that she won't like it. I guess I'm mostly nervous because the colors she asked for were blue and cream. I insisted on adding a little contrast with the yellows and browns. Oh well. I'm crossing my fingers!


  1. Wow, that's a very cool project. Your cat has excellent taste :) I bet your sister will be pleased too...

  2. You always do such beautiful work, Lady Harvatine!

    I like the extra depth you added with the additional colors.

  3. Don't you worry about her liking this quilt. I would worry that she will love it so much, show it to all her friends and neighbors and you will be inundated with orders for more! I think the colors are perfect and give the quilt sparkle. How will you quilt it?

  4. I just have to say how much I love all your work. Your color choices, your design sense, your execution -- all totally wonderful and inspiring. (How did you like Deathly Hallows? I have my own little nits to pick, but overall I loved it and felt satisfied by where JK led us.)

  5. Wow! That quilt is going to be gorgeous! You did a fabulous job with those squares.