Friday, July 20, 2007

At Long Last

Have no fear, swap partner, the quilt is going out at lunch today. Not too bad, right? I hope she will forgive me.
Here it is.
A plaid quilt. I came up with the idea shortly after signing up for the swap and then chose the palette and fabrics based on my partner's preferences. The pink '30's reproduction fabric was my jumping off point. I originally envisioned this design using only two colors but I really love how it worked with three. Besides, I think that my partner is more of a three color kind of gal.
I used the birthing method instead of adding a binding. I really like doing this. I think the borderless look is very clean and modern. The simplicity of it really suits my style. I will admit that the term "birthing" definitely creeps me out. I know that child birth is a beautiful thing but I've heard that it is also messy and quite painful. Those are two things that I don't like to associate with my quilts. Plus, the word "birthing" sounds very cold and utilitarian to me, as opposed to "giving birth". Of course what do I know about've seen my children.
The back of the quilt. Notice anything missing? Don't worry, here it is.
Another admission: I was a little perturbed about the mandatory label rule this time around. It felt a little like an infringement on my creativity. I was very unsure about how to incorporate a label that would work with this design and not detract from the simplicity of the quilt. I came up with this disappearing label. In its restful state, it mimics the diagonal pattern on the quilt top, and you can't tell that it is a label.
If you want to read it, you flip it to the front. When you want to admire either side of the quilt in its unmarred simplicity, flip the label to the opposite side. Easy as pie. I am very happy with this solution.
Using scraps from the quilt, I made a little matching card and a cookie.
I hope they are all well received. The quilt looks so pretty on my new pink wall, I wish it could stay here! But I know it is going to a loving, crafty home.


  1. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Liz- What a beauty! I think the label trick is brilliant! Besides- in years to come don't you want people to know who made that quilt? I do- I have my Grandmother's quilts that I am tagging so that my Grandchildren will remember. I have never seen anyone do a hidden tag like that though! You are awesome!!!

  2. It's here, it's here, and it's fabulous! I'm so glad you decided you could part with it (though it *did* look lovely on your pink wall), and the girls already picked a spot for it in their room. Your card was fantastic, and the fortune cookie got confiscated and put into the play kitchen before I could object. That label is so clever and I thank you so very much for this addition to my growing collection!

  3. you ARE a clever one with the disappearing label. thanks for linking to the "birthing method" as the name would have kept me guessing. i like the clean look to it too.

  4. WOW! I love it! I might have to use that as inspiration for my own plaid quilt!

  5. I love that label idea! Brilliant!