Friday, July 13, 2007

Special Cases

New bed for us, old bed went into the guest room. This means that my parents didn't have to sleep on the fold out couch when they came to visit this past weekend. I think they appreciated that.
Now that the guest bedroom has an actual bed we have taken a little more pride in making it pretty and welcoming. With that in mind I embroidered a pair of pillowcases, an "H" monogram with some little wheat motifs.
The patterns are from Sublime Stitching, a great book full of tons of sweet iron-on patterns.
I don't have any embroidery experience but I just love the idea of embellishing all of my linens this way. I started with the guest linens as a little warm-up before starting in on the nice new sheets I bought for our new bed. Soon my friends!


  1. No embroidery experience as in, that's your very first embroidery? Awesome. Gie me hope that I can do it too!

  2. Aweome job! Your stitches look great:)..did you post at flickr embroidery group?

  3. Anonymous11:12 AM

    So pretty! I love the idea of personalizing linens - looks great.

  4. Those look great! I have the book too, and someday...

  5. This is a beautiful touch to your guest room.