Monday, March 12, 2007

A reason to get out of bed.

As you may or may not know, Harv and I are both stop-motion animators. You could say that we are currently unemployed or you could say what we say which is "we are on hiatus." This is true. We finished "Moral Orel" season 2 at the beginning of February and are going back to work on "Robot Chicken" season three at the end of April.
This is a long break. Harv gets a little antsy, not making money but we are good savers and I always remind him how lucky we are to have this time off. I don't think that there are many people our age who have the luxury of taking all of this time to do whatever we want, together no less! I am extremely grateful to have the freedom to work on anything that my little heart desires all day if I want to!
That being said, it is easy to get into little ruts when you don't have any structure in your day. Certain things tend to squash my motivation and productivity. For example, mess. I am not a neat person and mess is an inevitable byproduct of my crafting. It doesn't bother me at first but the larger the mess grows the less I am motivated to craft and the less space there is for me to craft even if I were motivated. Here is a good visual aid to help you grasp this concept. There are times when I need something really great to inspire me, make me clean up the mess or at least work on something in the other room.
This morning at about 9:15, me and Lilly were still in bed when Harv came in with a great big box. I gasped, "Is that for me?!" It was.
I have been rippling away here without nearly enough colors (note the repetition!), waiting with baited breath for this order to arrive. What more do you need to make you leap out of bed than a box full of happy colored wool from Knit Picks? Not much...not much.


  1. Wow! I have barely given knitting or crocheting a chance but looking at these makes me think twice...sigh.

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Pretty! This whole rippling thing is like crack, isn't it? I guess there are worse addictions :o)