Friday, March 30, 2007

Home again, home again.

Hello internet!
We have returned from the great white Europe. We had a great time with Harv's parents. We started off in Munich, then went to Slovenia (where John I, Harv's great grandpa came from), met some Hrvatins (the original spelling of Harvatine), then spent a couple of days in Salzburg. A good time was had by all. Of course we have many many pictures to share, including fun things that only a crafter could love, but those will take some doing to sort through and get on Flickr. Don't worry though...soon, very soon.
In the meantime, I had two wonderful treats waiting for me when I returned home the other night! First was this,
the purchase I finally made using the ReproDepot gift certificate my parents gave me for Christmas. I was waiting for the right fabric to come around and boy was it worth it! The second treat was my Wee Wonderfuls Big-Footed Bunny pattern book! Hooray.
I was just now sitting here perusing the BFB photo group on Flickr and decided that enough's enough, I've been home a day and a half, it's about time I made a bunny. After all, my sister Leigh is coming to visit next weekend...we've got to Easter up the joint!
This is the perfect project for this fun fabric:
I don't really like holiday themed fabrics and I am pretty sure that this is not supposed to be an Easter print but the little ovals look so much like eggs that it prevents me from using it for anything non-Easter related. As I was writing that I remembered that I also purchased this little gem:
Definitely Easter themed yet still acceptable to me. Two bunnies it is, then!
Well, we've still got another month before we go back to work and I plan to craft/blog it up until then. Happy spring everyone, I am glad to be back and see you all again!

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  1. Welcome back Liz, glad you had suck a good time!! Can't wait to see more pictures.

    The fabrics from repo depot are beautiful. Welcome back