Saturday, March 03, 2007

Grudge Match: Knit v. Crochet

I wanted to pass along this video I saw at Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Before I watched this, having read what was written about it being a "mockumentary" about the knitting world a la "Spinal Tap", I thought "Yep, this is really going to annoy me." Then I sighed. It is a short student film...these things rarely end well. But surprise surprise, it was really good! I was thoroughly amused and not at all annoyed!
There are three actors in the film, all playing characters that are a little bit over the top but all of their performances are spot on. My only complaint (and I am not alone in this as evidenced by comments on YouTube) is the the crocheter in the film holds up some dishclothes she has made that look suspiciously knit-like. Hmmm...attention to detail people, this counts for 50% of your grade.
In summary, I give this film four stars, a pleasant romp through knit/crochet culture.

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