Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh My...

What an errant blogger I have been.
Well here is a recent near-flop. I attempted to make a "cat tube" loosely based on a pattern from Amy Butler's In Stitches. Actually, it is loosely based on the picture in the book, not the pattern. I don't actually own the book. Oops. I guess as punishment for not buying the book, our cats refuse to use the tube. See how they are repelled by it.I was considering taking it apart and making a cat pillow using the fur lining for one side and the outer shell as the other. But then this happened:I put it on this chair and Stabone has started laying on it every night! He sleeps on it so much that Lilly has started to lay on it just to spite him! She does that sort of thing sometimes. She likes to take things away from Stabone.
So I'm not sure if I will take it apart because they are using it afterall and I'm afraid that they might stop if it is altered. There is also the fear that Stabone will do with it what he used to do to a large pillow I made for Lillian a while ago. I won't write here what he did, but it's not pretty.

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