Friday, February 23, 2007

Lillian Stuck

I painted a painting! I had some acrylic paints out to paint some figures for another one of these and I was inspired to paint something a little more fun and interesting (for me, no offense Harv).This is based on an idea that I had a while ago. I love cats (obviously) and I love images of stylized cats that are more like big blobs than really animals. Cats really are very good at contorting themselves into tiny little legless balls or big fat blobs with paws and eyes. This painting is Lilly, stuck in some sort of tube, maybe a chimney. I like to think of cats as big masses of fluff that can change shape and be stuffed into different containers. I really like how this painting turned out. I don't know if I'll paint cats stuck in other things or more like this. I like how she's just on display but doesn't really care. Very much like the real Lilly.


  1. LOVE this Cat Painting, Miss Liz! And me and the hubs gave up TV about two years ago too! Much better to live than to watch, I agree!