Thursday, February 15, 2007

...and boy are my arms tired!

Tuesday, February 13 was my birthday. It was a very great birthday. Harv and I had stayed up very very late the night before playing games (my new favorite), singing karaoke and drinking wine and "Kokoszka Sunrises" with friends so we slept in verrrrry late. We then had a delicious lunch at The Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon, went home for a little gifting and then took the Metro (my first time!) to see "Wicked" in Hollywood! Harv gave me some fun treats that he got at the Bazaar Bizarre way back in December and...a Nintendo Wii! Wii is right! That is exactly what you say when you are playing it.
Does this have anything to do with crafting? Yes, of course! This system is so fun, it is life-sucking, dangerously fun. It is so fun that once you start playing you don't want to stop to do anything else, even MAKE STUFF!
However! All is not lost. For me at least, the Wii has a sort of built in mechnism that prevents me from playing my life away: you actually have to move around and exercise! I do not workout (please ignore the fact that I have a gym membership) and I think that I am pretty high on the weak and puny spectrum so I physically cannot play the Wii more than I should. For example, Harv and I spent a very romantic day yesterday playing Wii tennis and shooting rabid bunnies with plungers and I cannot ever express how sore I am today! Every inch of my arms plus my shoulders and my upper back are on fire!
So, it seems I have no choice but to work on the extra-special valentine's quilt I am making for Harv. (Late, of course...I think he's okay with it.)

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  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I love the Inn of the Seventh Ray! Yummy, and so pretty! Wicked is great, too. What a fun day!