Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Special Delivery
If you were around last year you might remember my little pet Christmas project, Lady Harvatine's Ukulele X-mas. Well...it's back!  You may not have thought it ever went away but the links have been kind of broken for a while (I'm not a very good web master).

If you didn't get it last year, now's your chance, 5 tracks plus a printable sleeve in case you want to burn a cd!


  1. GReat idea! But, on an unrelated note...where did you get that fabulous rug? I am in the market for a beauty such as that :)

  2. I loved your uke tunes!
    Thank you for bringing them back!

  3. Sara B.6:26 AM

    LOVE the Ukulele X-mas!! Thanks!!

  4. aww, I wish amazon.com would send me a cute kitty like that!