Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I have a little something for you! It is a different sort of homemade gift.

It's "Lady Harvatine's Ukulele X-mas", a little 5 track album full of four-stringed Christmas cheer. It started out as a joke between Harv and I many months ago. But with the help of a friend with many musical talents, we actually made it happen! I can hardly believe it myself.

Since I can't send you all a copy I am putting all five mp3's up here for download, and if you really want the full experience, you can burn the songs to a disc and make your own state-of-the-art cd sleeve! How you ask? Allow me to demonstrate.

1. Print that baby out (on cardstock if you have it, otherwise paper works fine). Cut said baby out.

2. Score along the three folds. (I use a little metal stylus. You can use the back of an exacto. Not necessary if you printed on plain paper.)

3. Fold.

4. Glue.

5. Enjoy!

Get the music:
(Right-click or control-click to save them to your computer.)

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, etc! I'll be back soon with more homemade gifts of the standard variety.


  1. this is the most amazing thing i've found online in a long long time. thanks for your generosity and good cheer. I'll be sharing this link with lots of people this christmas.

  2. Thoughtful and clever.
    Looking forward to hearing these.
    Always nice to read a new post from the Harvatine Home of Good Stuff.
    BTW: Our home has been filled with laughter and good cheer, as three home-from-school boys catch up with Star Wars Robot Chicken...
    Merry Christmas and thank you for all the Good Stuff.

  3. How sweet (and clever!) This put a smile on my face ... and made me think about acquiring a ukelele of my own ;-)

  4. What a nice christmas surprise. Your talent seems endless.

    I really had never heard the song "Christmas" before. And I spent some time on the internet looking for the authors name/initials that you noted "B PCH" ---- then, like a jerk it hit me. OMG. hw cUd i B so lamo. I 1dr f I'm d 1ly 1? As a m@r of fact, 4my nu yr resolution I Dcided 2 Bcum A1 txtr evr – Ha --- IDTS!

    tysm 4t musical gift. Xlnt.

    ILY, Dad.

  5. how fun! Thanks for the ukulele music. Hope you had a nice Christmas

  6. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I love love love this Liz!!
    Your awesomeness continues to delight and amaze.

  7. Are you kidding me? This album is wonderful! Your singing is beautiful!! I love it! And I love the ukulele accompaniment! Thank you so much for sharing & feel free to keep the songs coming!

    P.S. I love following your blog!

  8. OMG.

    I'm totally going to make these for my ukulele collective here in Australia - cutest christmas present ever!

    Is that you playing and singing? You sound absolutely magical. I love it.

    From one four-stringer to another -

    Leah xxx