Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Too Can Smell as Good as Me!

Still no crafts. The only thing I've worked on recently is some socks that have turned out to be a mini-craftisaster. Too big. Must be frogged. Bah.
I just wanted to share a little bit of tastiness I bought from my pal Marianne. Along with some super hip video game themed prints and Blythe doll clothes, her Etsy shop now offers a soap-of-the-month club. Each month will have a new, gender-neutral, season appropriate scent. February is the first month and my bar of oatmeal muffin soap was hand delivered the other day. (Sorry, hand delivery is not available in all areas...I work with her husband.)
The soap is great and I think that maybe Harv loves it more than I do. I believe his exact words the first time I used it were "That smells so f***ing good." A glowing endorsement if I ever heard one.


  1. Thank you for showcasing my soap! I think I might have to put Harv's review on my etsy shop. Next month's soap will be more green-themed, what with saint patty's day and springtime and all.

    I'm working on finding little boxes for them, but the ones I find are not quite the right size for the slices I make. I think I just might have to design and craft my own!

    Thanks again! So glad you like it.



  2. Glad you're back! The house I grew up in had glass door knobs, too; didn't realize I missed 'em til I saw yours....