Friday, February 01, 2008

2007, The Year in Stuff

Stuff I made, that is. It's only a month into 2008 and really, how can I be expected to have all of 2007 wrapped up the moment it's ended? Why do you think we don't pay taxes until April? You need time to get your shit together! It's just impossible for me to sum it all up when I've been too busy living it.
So here it is, I call it: All the Stuff I Made in 2007.
Link(You can see full sized pictures of everything above here.)
You may hate me for saying this but I feel like there should be more. I know that some of you may think that's foolish while others of you may scoff at my meager offerings but it's strange to see one aspect of your year all laid out in one place. It feels very different to look at it all in a pile like this than to be living it and making it. It all seems so small when I look at it as a group, with a little distance. I would love to make some sort of graph that compares my crafting accomplishments to the other things that happen in my life and see how the two are intertwined. Maybe that should be an on going project for 2008, a crafting progress report. I keep a spreadsheet on my computer of the number of seconds that I animate each day at work. I really love seeing things represented in numbers like that. Is that too nerdy?
Well anyway, I give a fond farewell to 2007. Happy New Year!


  1. you also made dinners and breakfasts and pots of coffee and cupcakes. Put them on the spreadsheet too! Really, it is a very impressive array of well made stuff.

  2. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Wow, 2007 looks like it was pretty busy and beautiful to me! That confetti quilt is wonderful, I've admired it on Flickr before. Very excited to see what lovely things you make in 2008!

  3. impressive to say the least. you've had some busy hands.

  4. Wow, those are all so beautiful. I love your work! Can't wait to see what's in store for 2008! On another note, I watched my first episode of Robot Chicken yesterday! It was the Star Wars one, and it was very very funny. My boyfriend and I both agree that the Ponda Baba skit was the best part!

  5. Hello? Where are you? Is everything OK? Just busy, I hope....