Tuesday, March 05, 2013

QuiltCon Wrap Up Part 2: The Lectures

There was quite an impressive line-up for the lecture hall at QuiltCon.  I only had a lecture pass for Friday since I didn't arrive until Thursday night and had workshops Saturday and Sunday.  Regardless, I got to hear some awesome women speak.  
First up was Heather Ross.  I don't really use novelty prints in my quilts but ever since having a kid I totally get her appeal.  She read an essay from her upcoming book that was a wonderful mix of bits from her childhood and adulthood and how they have influenced her work and her art.  I think that's a pretty generic description that probably applies to the entire book but it was quite lovely and I'm sure the book will be too.
Next I got to hear Anna Maria Horner speak on the subject "Making Me".  I'd heard her speak once before when she visited our guild on what seemed to be a very similar topic and yes, there were some tidbits that I already knew but for the most part it was just great to hear her speak.  Anna Maria is a wonderful and inspiring woman and I'd be happy to listen to her talk about her life and inspiration any day of the week.

 Not to mention that she shared some fabulous quilts.
 The last lecture I went to was Angela Walters, talking about what else, quilting.  I'd never met Angela before or heard her speak and I was so glad that I was able to.  She was funny and likable and it was great to hear the story of how she got started quilting.  It was also nice to hear that despite the amazing detail in her quilting she doesn't do a lot of planning or sketching before hand.  I don't know why but that made her seem more human to me, impatient to get to the good stuff.  It also shows, along with her story of how she got started, that she's had a LOT of practice.  She's amazingly talented but she worked really hard to get that way.
And there's good news for those of you who couldn't make it to QuiltCon: you can watch Angela's lecture as well as many others by people such as Heather Jones, David and Amy Butler, Jacquie Gering and Mary Fons for FREE at Craftsy.com.  Go here for the QuiltCon 2013 lectures!

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  1. So... did you take any photos of your quilt?
    I love the quilters you've shared in this post, and
    what a treat to meet them, and hear some of their stories, too.
    But come on! We want to see "Log Pyramids" in the spotlight!