Friday, March 05, 2010

Harvamade iPod Sleeve

Harv has been asking for a homemade iPod case for a while now.
More Sewing
I suggested that he make one himself, with my guidance of course.
He did it.
Here you have a simply made, zippered, lined pocket expressly made for his iPod.
Good Job Harv!
Look how proud.
He has told me many many times since making it how much he likes it.  It's the little things, folks.  Especially with this guy.


  1. I love your pin cushion, I will have to make myself a cute one.

  2. ohh! really he is so proud! love the pacman fabric and the t-shirt with that bad guy like gardener!

  3. Ahhhh! Pac-Man! WANT!!!

    That being said, where'd you get that fabric? It's adorable. And the pincushion is super cute too. The t-shirt is also killer. Hell, I just love the whole post.

  4. yeah...i'm thoroughly impressed.

  5. That is pretty cool!

    PS. Love the new blog look!

  6. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Oh yeah !! Me too, I wanna know wher to get some Pac-Man fabric. That's just too cool. well done on the ipod case making.

  7. A threadless shirt!!

    I always feel like a member of a special club when I see someone else wearing a shirt from threadless (even though they probably sell a bazillion a day!)!