Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A tiny bit of sewing.

You know what's really sad?  The amount of blogging I do is directly proportional to the amount of crafting I do.  I think you know where I'm going with this.  There's just been so little going on around here!  It is truly sad.  I think it's work.  It just steals so much of my energy that is ordinarily designated for crafting.  Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it) work will be done for me in what looks like less than a month.  For a time at least.  We'll be back in production of Robot Chicken season 4 before you know it.  But in between there will most definitely be a serge in crafting and blogging.
In the mean time, I did muster the energy this weekend to start a simple quilt top.  No small task considering any sort of sewing required I first clean out the h-hole that was my craft room.  I hope I will be able to share the top with you soon, if not a semi-completed quilt.
I also was able to make some frantic last minute table runners for some friends' wedding.  The wedding was in Hawaii.  I didn't go.  Super bum.  I thought about it long, hard and often but in the end I just didn't feel psyched about taking a day or two off of work.  I was able to send a little bit of myself off to the reception though.  
The wedding colors were inspired by the outside of a pineapple and since it was a little more on the casual, beachy side of things I went with linen in chartruese-y green and coffee brown.  The bride just sent me this picture.  Apparently there was some sort of miscommunication with the table measurements.  They were supposed to be runners, albeit somewhat wide ones.  Instead they spill over the sides of the tables.  But I think that's okay!  So... congratulations Sarah and Olivier!  I wish we could have been there!  (And I hope you don't mind me sharing your photos!)


  1. I hear you on the work taking the energy you need to create! I think a four day work week would be quite plenty.

    BTW, now that I know you have something to do with Robot Chicken you are my new hero.

  2. Yeah, I screwed up. But to be honest, I like it so much the way it is, I wouldn't want it any other way. We did talk about doubling up the tables and then didn't. But accidents lead to new unique looks!

    I'm so happy to make the blog! Yay! Thanks for whipping that out so fast. You were amazing. I totally wish you guys could have been there.


  3. Anonymous8:26 AM

    So, I thought you were pretty cool before -- you always make such gorgeous things and your pithy commentary on life always makes me smile -- but now that I know you work on Robot Chicken... well, your coolness is pretty much otherworldly. Just so you know.

  4. The table looks fantastic. If you didn't tell me it was supposed to be a table runner I would have thought that it was done on purpose!

    I'm glad to see that you're going to be doing some crafting soon... hopefully me too!

  5. Hey there. A couple weeks ago, I found your blog while Googling/Flickring Denyse Schmidt something or other. I'm glad I did! I've really been enjoying it. I love the things you've made, and your writing is wonderful.

    Just so you know, I'll be a regular here. :)