Monday, October 15, 2007

Take Two

I'm sad to say that two months ago Harv and I had to welcome Pac-y back into our home. He was just too big for his intended family and they had to return him. This wasn't totally unexpected. In fact, I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did. At least Pac-y made it home for Harv's birthday.
If you'll remember, Ethan gave me this Pac Man fabric on the condition that I make something out of it for him. Pac-y didn't quite fit the bill so this weekend I took a second crack at it.

Do you know what it is?!? No!!! Of course you don't! You are probably not nerdy enough (though I'm sure there are exceptions). It's a case for a Nintendo DS Lite, the current hand held Nintendo game console (think Game Boy but less old and big).

I don't have a picture of a DS to show you because I don't have one and so I made this case based on dimensions that I found online. So...I'm not sure if it's going to fit. I wanted it to be snug-ish. I just hope it's not too snug.
This was a bit of a challenge to make. I used Peltex on the front, back and bottom for a little structure and padding. It worked well but made it difficult to sew some of the seams. It's so tiny! I sewed all of the layers together so there were raw edges inside of the case. I finished them of with some homemade super tiny not-on-the-bias tape. I don't have a 1/4 inch bias tape maker so I just folded and ironed this. I had to sew it on by hand. I tied doing it on the machine but it was just too hard.
So, it's a little wonky but overall I am very happy with the result. Hopefully this won't be returned to me a la Pac-y!

Update: It fits!


  1. We love DS! What a fun little toy and so cool... like your bag! So cool! My boys will get a kick out of this.
    Haooy Birthday Harv.

  2. Update: It fits!

    Yay - I was ready to hear that the bag had to become a pocket kleenex holder...

  3. First: "haooy?" sorry about that typo...
    Second: Totally off-topic, but I wanted to share that "Robot Chicken" is appearing in my Google Ads and it makes me really happy. Usually I get a lot of recipes, but "Robot Chicken" is a far more interesting match. We love robots, chickens, stop-motion animation, Comic-Con, Ray Harryhausen, and irreverant humor with loads of popular culture... okay, some of it is not appropriate for children, but that's another topic!

  4. You'd have to pry it from my cold dead hands....

    And enough guilt about Pac-y already! You haven't mentioned why I had to give him the eating of other stuffed animals, the weight gain, the lemon-scented mystery farts. Hard to live with- but cute!

  5. this is great!! I love it. I'm not great at making pouches that are boxy like this. have you ever done a tutorial for it?