Wednesday, August 08, 2007

That's better.

The molds are poured. There is no work to be done on Harv's maquette but wait for the silicone to cure. I think you know what that means!
Despite having a couple of quilts in the works and several other projects I could be working on, I was too excited about a new idea I had to not dive right into yet another quilt.
I'm not very familiar with many piecing tricks or techniques. I came up with a fun and simple way to execute this new design but for all I know it could already be out there in the universe. I don't know. I do know that I snuck a half hour this morning before work and made a little more progress on this puppy. I sewed for 30 minutes then got ready to leave and Harv said "I need two more minutes" so I thought "Perfect! I can make a couple more cuts!" Silly. Trying to cut a 21 in wide piece into three parts, I lined the edge up at the one inch mark. "Cut at 8 inches!" I thought. Done. "Okay, two times eight is 16! Cut there!" Done. "Why are my pieces all different sizes?" Wah-wah. So, I messed up. But that's okay! I will adjust and adapt and forge ahead. And then I'll make another quilt with this new pattern because, I'll be honest, I was planning on doing that anyway! Practice makes perfect. Despite this set back, it feels oh so good to put the clay and other messy stuff away and restore my sewing machine to it's place of honor. Ah.


  1. I'm glad to hear that someone other than me has trouble with the measuring math :)

    I'm digging the blue/geen/brown thing going on in that quilt.

  2. I've done that too. Get it all cut, go to sew it, it's the wrong size, what happened?! Been there, done that. There it goes in the scrap bin.