Friday, January 05, 2007

At Long Last!

I finally had time to make a robot from the Wee Wonderfuls Put-Together Book No. 2! The book arrived in the midst of Christmas gift making madness and I had to work really hard to avoid dropping everything to make something right away. But now gifts have been given and I have time to work on some projects of my choosing. New Year, new robot!


  1. He looks great. Is that his transportation behind him, or his girlfriend?

  2. Ride, Sally, ride.

  3. Liz--

    First of all, thanks for the awesome shout-out in your Dec. 28 entry. How sweet to credit me with inspired double-gifting! Also, glad to see you've enjoyed making your first warshrag. I got really into them and made four right in a row--each one longer than the previous one. I've taken a hiatus, though.

    Anyway, I had a crafting question for you: do you know where I might be able to get labels made for my knitted things? You know, labels to sew inside sweaters that say "Hand knit by Niamh O'Leary" or some such. Just curious!