Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Yays and Nays

Our Christmas tree has been half naked for the last week, with only lights and popcorn strings. Last night we finally mustered up the energy to hang the ornaments and here it is!
Missing of course is the topper that I set out to make yesterday. That was a total failure. So there is no topper yet.

I was also hoping to make a new quilted tree skirt to match the topper but that didn't get done yet either so I resigned myself to putting out our old crocheted skirt. I don't know who made it but Harv's sister has the same one on her tree. I am not giving up on either of these projects though. Perhaps tonight. That is unless the mailman brings me something special today! If so, Christmas projects may go on hold for a night or two.


  1. I got my Spaceboy and Robot book!

    Your decorations look great; the tree is so cheerful against that wall!

  2. Oh boy! It's looking good for me then! I'm crossing my fingers for tonight!